Issue 12  •  Spring 2013

Beauty School Dropout


We all want to look our best, no? Having a solid beauty routine is our right as women, is it not? Why, yes it is. It is perfectly acceptable for us to paint and prod, straighten and color, hide and enhance, or otherwise arrange our looks however we wish. I, for one, celebrate and embrace this! Taking care of myself in this super girly way has become a strange sort of Zen time that I spend with myself each day. Doing so helps me fully feel my femininity—as both a power and a privilege.

With all of the advertising coming our way it’s hard not to be overwhelmed by the millions of products we have to choose from, and we weren’t necessarily raised with old wives' homemade beauty tricks. Over the years, my obsession with hair and makeup, balanced with a skimpy pocketbook, has led me to being creative, and working with hair and makeup artists has let me in on some great tricks of the trade. In this improvisation I have realized that the most expensive thing isn’t always the best, but that also sometimes nothing compares to the products you have to save up for. Here are my greatest hits and tips of where it’s worth it to part with that cash, and when you can scrimp.

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