Issue 12  •  Spring 2013

Arts & Letters


Meet Yr Idols: Jello Biafra

Written by Matt Dineen
DeadKennedys.JPG“All religions make me sick,” I declared defiantly, standing in front of my tenth grade English class. Mr. Joyce had assigned us to write a short speech about a song we found meaningful or moving, read the speech aloud, and then play the song we chose for the class. Holding my speech with both hands, I opened with this shocking line, and a couple of other controversial lyrics, by my favorite band Dead Kennedys. In the speech, I outlined why they were one of the most revolutionary punk rock bands, both musically and politically, while giving special props to their eccentric singer, Jello Biafra. I then proceeded to play one of their longest, and most powerful, songs: “Riot.”

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