Issue 12  •  Spring 2013

Easy Bake

Wham Bam Thank You Jam

Written by Rivka Berkowitz
SummerHello.jpgIt’s starting to get chilly out! Sometimes a little too chilly. Hopefully you stocked up on fresh fruit jams for the cold fall and winter nights. If not, make sure you follow these simple directions next year and gather all the fruit when it is finally back in season. The problem is that berries grow mold faster than Jenny Humphrey can sew drugs into a weird ’80s inspired bolero. It’s not always easy to keep up.
Well, there is another way. Got more fruit than you can handle? Maybe your CSA keeps on coming and you’re running out of recipe ideas or counter space . . . Got some sugar in the pantry? You’re in luck! You’re all ready to make some jam.

 Active Image The recipes included in this section are Sweet Basil Lemonade and Sour Cherry Dark Chocolate Brownies. The smell of basil always reminds me of two things: my mother's garden and my grandmother's dinner table. My mom has been an avid gardener since I was young, and during my childhood summers we would often venture into the herb bed to rub the leaves between our fingers and inhale the intoxicating aromas of basil, mint, and sage. My grandmother is first generation Italian, and basil helped make her fresh homemade tomato sauce (stewed with pork sausages for hours) even more fresh and delicious. The basil-infused simple syrup in this lemonade is a surprisingly fresh twist on a familiar classic.

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