Issue 12  •  Spring 2013


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Over the past few months, California trio Best Coast has garnered some heady praise. From magazines like Nylon to newspapers like the Guardian, media sources have greeted Best Coast’s first few tracks with enthusiasm and appreciation. At the center of Best Coast is singer and guitar player Bethany Cosentino, a musician in her early twenties who grew up in a musical home and seems as comfortable on stage as she does talking about her favorite “old people” music. I recently had the opportunity to interview Consentino about, among other things, music, pets, and Seinfeld.


Shannon Puts the Fun in Funchess

Written by Michally Diamond
 Active Image      A couple times in my life I have gotten what I like to call a “talent crush” on a fellow musician. That’s when someone is so talented that your stomach feels fluttery and your mouth goes dry when you’re around them. Sometimes this person is your friend and things can get a little bit awkward. Enter the good people of Sadie Magazine who asked me to interview one such talent crush—my dear friend Shannon Funchess.

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If I were forced to name something I’m really nerdy about, it would probably be comedy. As a kid, I watched Comedy Central way more than MTV and used to do ridiculous things, like make make mix videotapes of the SNL sketches and stand up sets that my finely tuned preteen sense of humor had deemed particularly brilliant. This mild obsession continued into adulthood, and I still closely follow the work of comedians I enjoy. So when I was tasked with finding one to interview, Morgan Murphy immediately sprang to mind. 

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