Issue 12  •  Spring 2013

Arts & Letters

  I read an ad in the New York Times looking for people to pick apples upstate during harvest. At the time I was making a meager living working at a bar, so I decided to get up the next morning and go to Milton, New York to find work. I figured at the very least the trip would give me something to write about. I was 24 or 25. 

An Excerpt from Whip Smart

Written by Melissa Febos
I had never liked parties. Even as a child, I tended to form intense, one-on-one relationships, rather than groups of friends. Unless there was dancing, I didn’t see the point of hanging out in a large group, which made it impossible to connect with any single person and triggered a shyness that I liked to hide. I also typically wanted to get so high that public locations were impractical. At a party, I might have to share my drugs, or talk to someone who’d care that I’d forgotten how my legs worked.


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