Issue 12  •  Spring 2013

Rebel Girls

Diary of a Teenage Girl

Written by Vanessa Bombardieri
An Interview With Playwright Marielle Heller

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Diary of a Teenage Girl is a new play and a glimpse inside the world of fifteen-year-old Minnie Goezte.  Minnie is creative, honest and most of all utterly confused.  Oh yeah, and she has just started having an affair with her mother’s boyfriend Monroe, age 34.        

 Active Image “Why did you move?” I’ve recently set up digs in a new city, and since my day job is such that people figure I didn’t move here for it, I often get asked this question. My response is always, Why not? I’ve never needed much of an excuse to pick up my life and try something new.
  Active Image         Over the past few years, there has been a revitalization in the use of furs and feathers as fashion accessories, but this time, it isn’t just the Upper East Siders in their mink coats and rabbit skin gloves, it’s also the fashion forward hipster guys sporting raccoon tails on their belt loops and the boho ladies wearing porcupine quills around their necks and peacock feathers in their ears. Open the pages of Vogue, Elle, or even Glamour, and you will see girls adorned with feather headbands and necklaces made of tiger teeth.
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Have you ever seen some dude on the bus or train and something about his coat, the book he was reading, or the way he parted his hair made you think he could be your soul mate? We’ve pretty much all had these moments, but in The First Law of Motion the narrator doesn’t passively fantasize about what could have been. Instead of being satisfied with the imaginary bird in the oven and a picket fence, she decides to follow him. For weeks.


In the Ring With Alicia Slick Ashley

Written by Susannah Wexler
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Imagine running three to four miles a day six days a week, then jumping rope, punching a heavy bag, hitting mitts, and sparring.


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