Issue 12  •  Spring 2013

Beauty School Dropout

What’s Organic and Tea Tree and Green All Over?

Written by Michelle Hadley-Ambord
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It all started at my Wednesday night Pilates class: my instructor mentioned the success of her recent detox, and we, her curious pupils, wanted the inside scoop on healthy living. What most Americans never consider—and what my sage instructor explained—is that we absorb an inordinate amount of chemicals each day, and our bodies respond to many of these chemicals as if they are estrogens.

Drink Yourself Gorgeous

Written by Lindsay Mattioli
 Active Image Remember the old adage you are what you eat? Well, according to beauty beverage companies like Borba and Glowelle, there’s actually some truth to this phrase previously popularized by moms trying to coerce kids into eating vegetables. Scott-Vincent Borba is the founder of BORBA, a line of beauty beverages that has now branched out to other edible beauty goodies like gummy bears and topical treatments.

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