Issue 12  •  Spring 2013

Easy Bake

 Active Image                              Quick summertime gatherings to hang out with friends and eat yummy food are one of my favorite things. Here are a few recipes that are actually quite easy, many elements of which you can have ready in your fridge to put together on relatively short notice. The romesco, peanut, and limoncello sauces are great staples to have around. You might want to try making a jar of each sauce every few weeks to serve with whatever vegetables or proteins you like.                                              


Written by Amanda Chantal Bacon
  Active Image                                     The fava bean. I am wild for this elegant protein-packed bean. I knew the Italians felt the same way, but what I recently discovered while trekking through the Middle East is that Lebanon is wild for them, as well. Fava beans were one of the first cultivated plants, and the only bean the Europeans ate until they reached the Americas. Fava, or foul mudammas in Arabic, is used every way possible east of Greece. I would love to claim to be fava’s first number one fan, but I’ve got a long line of predecessors.

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