Issue 12  •  Spring 2013

Beauty School Dropout

Bathing Beauty

Written by Nakia Jackson
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Summer was made for lazing about, preferably with a pitcher of lemonade in hand. But what if you could get a whole new look just by relaxing in the sun? I'm not talking about a tan—those are best gotten from a bottle (especially now that we understand the dangers of allowing our skin to get too much sun). But you can give your hair rich new color, make your skin silky smooth, and give yourself a chip-proof manicure, all between glasses of your favorite summer beverage.

Beauty Tips for Less

Written by Veronica Liljeblad
 Active Image Are you short on cash but don't want to give up your beauty addiction? Then, check out our list of the best budget beauty buys and be a recessionista with a flawless face. (Tried and tested at actual shoots by yours truly!)

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