Issue 12  •  Spring 2013

Why Should I Care?

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Many people likely have preconceived notions of what characteristics are consistent with the typical incarcerated youth. Rarely does a budding artist or writer come to mind. Several private and public organizations coordinated by dedicated youth advocates are helping incarcerated teens learn about the business and production of the arts—and it just may save their lives. Young people behind bars often face nearly insurmountable disadvantages, including inadequate education, limited employment opportunities, and a lack of means for articulating their own needs.


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Flashback to 2000: I am in my first year of college and riding high. Having just moved to New York City, I’m soaking in sights and sounds, and spending very little time in class. Unfortunately, I don’t realize I’m also spending a great deal of money while I’m gallivanting about. Slowly, the $3,000 in pocket money I had so diligently saved during my four years of summer jobs starts dwindling away. It is not until a day in late October, when my ATM alarmingly announces “insufficient funds,” do I realize how detrimental my lack of financial awareness has been. I have just spent $3,000 in less than three months and have no idea how. What am I going to do?

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