Issue 12  •  Spring 2013

Rebel Girls

{multithumb blog_mode=popup thumb_proportions=bestfit resize=1 full_height=600} Kim and Alice, the indie/art rock female duo from Los Angeles known as Eagle and Talon, are a force to be reckoned with. They have just completed their first LP, Thracian, and are ready to conquer the galaxy. To try to put into words the kind of sound that emanates from the world of Eagle and Talon would be a disservice, as these girls really have their own thing going on. Sure, one could make comparisons to bands past, but upon listening to E&T, it's more likely that you will contemplate the future.


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Liz Funk defines herself as Supergirl-In-Recovery. Her recently published book, Supergirls Speak Out: Inside the Secret Crisis of Overachieving Girls, is an investigative look at young women who think being at their best is still never good enough. She has been published in USA Today, CosmoGIRL!, The Christian Science Monitor, Newsday, New York Magazine, the Huffington Post, The New Jersey Record, The Baltimore Sun, The Nation, Tango Magazine, Vibe Vixen Magazine, The Times Union, and Girls’ Life. Oh, and did I mention she just turned twenty years old? It is rare indeed for a girl of twenty to get a published and recognized, especially for a nonfiction book. Liz Funk is well aware that, with tongue in cheek, she is taking the reader on a travelogue of her own journey through Supergirlhood.  This serves to make the book not only more compelling, but highly credible as well. 
 Active Image       One of the leading voices in new photography, curator and author Susan Bright just made themove from London—where she’d organized shows at Tate Britain and the National Portrait Gallery and written, what is considered to essentially be the bible of contemporary photos, Art Photography Now —to try her hand in the New York photography scene. What she didn’t realize was that through the change in continents, she’d come away with a very different view of what is being done with the camera. With a sharp critical view and a true curiosity (she recognizes, for example, fashion photography’s influence on the globe of image making) Bright’s eyes have widened and her upcoming show and book on self-portraiture will surely be a can’t miss.
   Active Image                                           Singer/songwriter Lorraine Leckie grew up in Ontario where “she had horses.” When she got to her teenage years, she realized she had to get out because she was “the town weirdo” and felt claustrophobic, so she moved to Toronto where she married the lead singer of the Viletones, whom according to Lorraine, were the Canadian version of the Sex Pistols. Eventually, they divorced and at age twenty, she decided to go to makeup school and flee to Milan to become a makeup artist full-time. As a makeup artist, she worked with celebrities like Anna Nicole Smith, Paul McCartney, and Jennifer Lopez. 

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