Issue 12  •  Spring 2013

I Heart/I Hate

 Active ImageWhat would we do without books to help us explain away our demons, and talk us down from moments of cloudiness, sadness, and fear? And of course to help us celebrate the most exciting moments of growing up. The books we read as teens do more than put our firsts—first kiss, first sip of beer, first love—into perspective. They help make sense of issues and subjects that are otherwise too much to bare on one's own. They offer friendship and understanding when these things may be hard to find elsewhere. And they provide escapes from all the confusion that comes hand in hand with adolescence and pre-adulthood.
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Pale-skinned with auburn hair and golden butterscotch eyes, Edward Cullen is supposedly the most gorgeous man. Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight novel has won the hearts of millions of women, having topped the bestseller charts. It has also recently been made into a box office hit movie. Her protagonist, or so-called damsel in distress, is Bella Swan who moves to Forks, Washington to spend some time with her dad. She meets Edward Cullen, her hunky yet eerie classmate. It turns out Edward is a bloodthirsty vampire. Their relationship is cautious from the start, but their love story proves to be the Romeo and Juliet of our time. 


Oprah and Her Body

Written by Alex Alvarez
Recently, images of a concerned-looking Oprah Winfrey have been making the media rounds, framed with bold block letters reading "Oprah Warns Rihanna!" All Oprah had to do was utter one, tiny phrase—"He will hit you again," in light of a recent news item, Chris Brown's alleged attack on fellow singer Rihanna—and the whole nation listens, almost as if they had been waiting for her take on the subject. One soundbite, one headline, turns into a national conversation. It is this very power, clout, and built-in audience that makes Oprah's discussions so important. The influence that she exercises places Oprah in a relatively unique position, especially when it comes to guiding the discourse on women's bodies and the way women relate to one another. 

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