Issue 12  •  Spring 2013


I don’t know about you, but I am very inspired by girls who kick ass. Lately, all we hear about are industries that are going under, dying, struggling to hold onto their last breath; and one of those industries is definitely the fashion industry. But what about those who are still in it? Let’s focus on that for a minute; on those girls who, despite these economic hard times, are totally kicking ass and still being creative. An example of this: Leah McSweeney and Tabatha McGurr, both of the New York City based clothing line, Married to the Mob.

Besties for Life

Written by Julie Fishkin
After reading about the Besties and listening to their music, I paid attention to their lyrics for a while, spent time with the record, and concluded quickly that it would be dismissive at best to call them "sweet, infectious pop."  Surely, there's more of a punk element here, especially if you listen to their words and hear their story, how they got started, and what their new album Home Free actually means. 

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Sarah Haskins is one of those comics whom I can’t stop watching. I don’t even watch TV, but sometimes I come home from work and search for her on YouTube. Other times, I eat lunch at my desk and follow a Feministing link to one of her clips (even if it is a clip I’ve seen a million times, I know that on the millionth and first viewing, I will still laugh). Whether she is talking about birth control being marketed as period control or noting that the WE network’s wedding shows “put the ‘we’ in wedding and the ‘end’ in feminism,”...                                     

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