Issue 12  •  Spring 2013

Rebel Girls

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Amy Crehore's paintings are filled with monkeys, cats, archaic instruments, and really cute, sort of subversive looking girls. Even though we most likely won't ever know exactly what the monkey and the pierrot in her paintings are up to, we are still compelled to look closer and analyze how the different players relate to one another. Are they friends? Lovers? Siblings?




Swooned by Swoon

Written by Julie Fishkin
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In 2006 and 2007, New York City street artist, Swoon, engaged in two experiments of communal life as it intersects with mobile art. Throughout art school and afterward, she had been contemplating the idea of a traveling art project until 2006 when, in collaboration with some friends, she created The Miss Rockaway Armada, with hand-built rafts that sailed the Mississippi River; she embarked on this trip again the following year.


Getting Mean with Mya Stark

Written by Esther Kim

Child actors always seem to be marred by their early success in life. I mean whatever happened to D.J., Stephanie, and Michelle from Full House? I haven’t heard a thing from the first two, but the Olsen twins seem to be doing okay. They’re worth like a billion dollars, right?


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