Issue 12  •  Spring 2013

Why Should I Care?

Why should I care about abstinence only education?

Written by Bronwen Pardes|Illustration by Hannah Hooper
Ever take a driver's ed class? Just imagine if your teacher taught you about safe driving by telling you the following: "Here's your seat belt. It's supposed to make driving safer, but it will often fail. Even if you wear it every single time you drive a car, you could still get into an accident. You might get whiplash, or some other injury, or you might die, or kill the person in the other car. So seat belts are basically useless. It's better to just refrain from driving completely. If you need to go somewhere, have your parents take you." What would you take from that lesson? Would you still want to drive? If you did, would you bother putting on a seat belt?

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