Issue 12  •  Spring 2013

Rebel Girls

Check it!

Written by Josie Schoel
Rue Melo has a great voice, great style, and a great sense of rhythm. Rue—which is French for, "road"—grew up in Paris and was brought up by her Parisian mother and her Uruguayan father. Simply put, she grew up surrounded by music and art. Her mother is a ballet dancer and actress, and her father is a musician who played with such internationally acclaimed acts as the Gipsy Kings. Her youth was so filled with dance and song that it became an intrinsic part of her, and despite the fact that she considered, momentarily, being a lawyer, music refused to let her go.

Jen on Jen on Jen

Written by Sarah Amiel
Meet Jennifer Sullivan: a soft-spoken, emerging female artist who resides in Brooklyn. Born and raised in Albany, she moved to New York In ’95 to get her BA at Pratt and then her MFA at Parsons. Aside from being insanely gifted, she is also super-cool; besides being a multi-talented artist, she has lived in an adobe house in New Mexico, can rock Madonna karaoke like it's her full-time job, and would rather be friends with Britney than Lindsay (though she doesn't even own a TV or an iPod). Thanks to Sadie, I recently had the opportunity to ask her about many of these things.
Vivian Girls (without the “the,” thank you) is one of the best new bands to arise from the fertile rock ‘n’ roll fields of Brooklyn. Composed of three awesome women—Cassie on guitar, and Frankie* and Katy switching off on drums and bass—the band has gained a lot of attention recently for their combination of punk-infused guitar noise with 1960s girl-group style singing. Inside of the noise and oceanic reverb, they sing songs about love, heartbreak, doubt, and anger—rock’s favorite topics. A sweet and kicking backbeat holds everything together, and spontaneous uncontrolled giddiness is not uncommon while listening to their recorded output or their live performances.

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