Issue 12  •  Spring 2013

I Heart/I Hate

Are We Our Own Role Models?

Written by Augustine Blaisdell
Why do we love shows like MADE and The Hills? Ok, let’s be honest, why are we obsessed with them? For some, the answer is because they’re so bad they’re good. For several of the over three million viewers watching the pitfalls of these “real people” makes them feel better about their own lives. For others however, it is not only for entertainment value, but it is also a measure of their own hopes, dreams, and ambitions. When we watch The Hills, we admire these career-driven, fashionable, seemingly independent women. For the reality show MADE, the makeover story, we watch the heroine triumph by becoming what she always wanted to be, which is usually a more feminine, ladylike, and confident woman. But it begs the question, what are these girls being transformed into? And are these “reality” shows helping or hurting young women in their vision of the world and of themselves?
How many crazy ladies have we seen in movies over the years? We have Angelina Jolie and Winona Ryder running mad through the halls in Girl, Interrupted. We have Kate Winslet playing a crazed and obsessed convalescent in Phil Jackson’s true crime thriller, Heavenly Creatures. We have Jennifer Jason Leigh in Single White Female, killing people with her spike heels and Sally Field in Sybil, suffering from multiple personality disorder. Of course there have been plenty of psychopathic, murderous fellows gallivanting around on the silver screen over the years as well, but the women tend to take on a different, and oftentimes more dynamic and multifaceted role.

A Model of Beauty

Written by Melissa Walker
Last winter, seventeen-year-old Ali Michael, a lovely girl from Texas with a twenty-three-inch-waist who had been an It girl of the modeling world previously that same year (she walked dozens of 2007 shows and was featured as a rising star on Vogue's, along with editorials in W and Harper's Bazaar) was shut out of the Paris runways. Why? Her thigh measurements were deemed too big.

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