Issue 12  •  Spring 2013

Arts & Letters

Happy Family

Written by Miriam Cohen
Varicose veins bulged from the white backs of knees. Cellulite rippled through nylon shorts. Her mother was on the treadmill, and this was one thing that made Grace basically want to give up.
“He’s at it again,” Grace said. She heard someone say that once, in another context, and so here she was trying it out.

“What?” Her mother was distracted. The pale, crepe papery skin of her upper arms swung briskly.

0 to Fearless in 60 Minutes

Written by Jordyn White
People glance back at me with shock and amazement when I tell them I play professional women’s full-contact football. When I tell them that deciding to play was the best decision I ever made, you should see how their expressions dim. Football? “Three grueling nights a week, no actual salary, buy your own equipment and pay your own insurance” football? “No glitz, no glamour, lucky to get a quarter page in the city paper or a two minute clip on the local evening news” football? Yup—that’s the one. I write, sing, speak two languages, and have two degrees. But if I had never accomplished any of these, I’m still absolutely sure football would have helped me find my place in the world. And here’s why.


Written by Molly Schulman

Smooth Operator

Written by Nakia Jackson
With such a wealth of products to choose from, the task of skin maintenance can be a daunting one…especially when you’re on the run. But do not despair. Of all the potions one can resort to in order to look fabulous in a hurry, you can't go wrong with an exfoliant. Here are three great, cheap recipes to get awesome looking skin all on your own. Use either Sweet on You, With a Grain of Salt, or Java Jivin' and in mere seconds that dead skin that's been cramping your style is gonna get the old heave-ho.

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