Issue 12  •  Spring 2013

Rebel Girls

The Furry Little Things of Ashley Goldberg

Written by Susannah Wexler and Josie Schoel
Ashley Goldberg has one of those wonderful stories we never think actually happens in real life. She started selling her art on a few years ago, and because it’s practically impossible to resist those round-cheeked girls and bearded fellows, she has since sold more than 7,000 prints. Now, thanks to her amazingly quirky style and her tireless work ethic, her work is for sale all over the place, and has just recently been included in Urban Outfitters Artist Series.

I Spy A DJ: Nadia Ksaiba

Written by Emily Westerweller
So, you know that game you play when you’re younger, “I Spy?” Let’s play our own version. I tell you what I spy and you tell me what you imagine. What comes to mind if I say, “I Spy with my little eye, a DJ?” And no, we are not talking about your friend that breaks out his iPod at parties, or another friend that plays a few CDs between bands at a show. (Yes, we all have those friends!) So, back to the game. You spy someone that is mixing records? Check. You spy someone that manages to control the whole room and grip the audience in a way comparable to watching a live band play? Check. You spy a guy with headphones that…? Wrong!

Modern Romance

Written by Nick Weist
Julia Weist is a Brooklyn-based artist, and Nick Weist is her Brooklyn-based brother. Julia recently published her first book, a pseudo-autobiographical romance novel entitled, Sexy Librarian. The protagonist is a disillusioned artist named Audrey who flees New York and tries to find her emotional center in Minnesota—similar to Julia’s own experience of leaving her home city for a residency in Rochester, MN in the summer of 2005. Many of the romances described in the book were modeled on Julia’s own life experiences, (such as a flirtation with a professional lumberjack), while some trysts were pure fiction (she has never dated a brain surgeon!). The plot parallels Julia’s art practice in that it also investigates the relationship between sex and information science.

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