Issue 12  •  Spring 2013

Top That

Your Everyone's Guide to Valentine's Day

Written by Jesse Sposato, Josie Schoel, and Jessica Mahler
Valentine's Day, in a guilty pleasure, totally commercial, consumerist way, is kind of our weakness. It's not just because we love buying boxes of chocolate for half off the day after and biting into them one by one, only finishing the (two or three) good ones. It's the pink and the red and the hearts all over. Every year for about one month, stores usually designated to bare-bones basics, like Rite Aid or Duane Reade, are filled with small candy hearts replete with endearing sayings and doilies and cheap stuffed giraffes and faux roses. What's not to love?

Top Ten Feminist Porn Films

Written by Anne G. Sabo
 Active Image Women today represent at least one out of every three online buyers of porn, meaning millions of women watch porn on a regular basis. Of course, the mainstream porn industry has picked up on this trend, releasing their so-called “women friendly” lines of porn that do nothing more than gloss up the picture and soften the plot.

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