Issue 12  •  Spring 2013

Rebel Girls

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It’s always exciting when one of your favorite bands puts out a new record. The anticipation begins when you find out they are in the process of recording, and builds as you hear some of the new material live. And then there is that moment when it is released and you eagerly go home to listen to it and hear this whole new layer of a sound that means so much to you. I recently had the opportunity to speak with one of my favorite bands, the Philadelphia-based duo Trophy Wife, about their brand new record.

Got To Have Kaia

Written by Katy Otto
Kaia1.jpgI caught up with Kaia Wilson on the final leg of her current tour playing lead guitar with Amy Ray (of the Indigo Girls, for those of you a little late to the game). For the first stretch she was performing from her most recent solo album as an opening act – Two Adult Women in Love, coming out this month on Jealous Butcher Records. I have had the pleasure of knowing Kaia personally for a few years now, after a long stretch of just existing in the realm of fandom over her seminal queercore rock band, Team Dresch.

The Real Geneva Jacuzzi

Written by Sean Bailey
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Geneva Jacuzzi, born Geneva Garvin, is a musician, performer, writer, and artist based out of LA. At least, this is the conventional fiction. Beyond the myth of the flesh and blood human exists a hundred other unconventional fictions, including the Grecian Goddess, the Mime, the Moon, the Sun, the Idiot Dancer, and the Zygote, to name a few. Placing equal weight on the real and unreal, Jacuzzi’s music, performances, and identity often fluctuate between mundane and fantastical states, resulting in real/unreal hybrid outcomes. (This interview is no exception.)

Zambri22.jpgChristi Jo and Jessica Zambri are like the cool girls you might have been a little afraid to approach in high school – impossibly stylish and impressively confident. Zambri's music, however, is so warm and fun that you can’t help but want to be a part of it. The sisters’ haunting voices and irresistible beats make listening to their album House of Baasa, out on April 10th on Kanine Records, like being invited to the best slumber party ever.


Yuna: Decorating Our Love

Written by Eliza Cole
Yuna1.jpgMulti-talented new artist Yuna recently released her first single, “Live Your Life,” from her upcoming self-titled album, produced by Grammy award winner Pharrell Williams. Her captivatingly sultry voice and smooth rhythms are reminiscent of bands like Portishead, Massive Attack, and Morcheeba. Aside from writing and singing her own music, Yuna’s talents extend well into the art world, including photography and fashion design. Melding photography into the music video for her cover of Nirvana’s "Come as You Are" is one way Yuna has showcased her multifaceted unique style. The former law student turned songwriter may not have predicted her professional music career. Yet sold out concerts, raving reviews, and award nominations (she was just nominated for a Nickelodean Kid's Choice Award) implore Yuna to face her fate as best new original musician.

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