Issue 12  •  Spring 2013

I Heart/I Hate

Living in a small town can be overwhelming. The vast anonymity of an urban metropolis does not exist here, so a walk down the street often becomes something of a social event. Familiar faces follow me everywhere I go in the town where I live. This can be comforting, but not always. Take a recent visit to the health clinic downtown.


Who’s On Top?

Written by Josie Schoel
Most of my friends watch America’s Next Top Model with complete and total abandon. Actually, let me rephrase that. They don't just watch it; they revel in it. They moan and groan if we happen to be out during an episode. They have actual, well-formed arguments about which model should stay "on top", and they relish the chance to languish in the maternal, tough love of Tyra Banks, the self-proclaimed guru of American fashion and womanhood.

As a high school student, figuring out the perfect outfit to wear to school the next day can be daunting. Sometimes it can feel as if your choice can make or break your day, if not your entire week. This, however, seems like nothing when we are faced with the formidable decision of choosing a major that can determine the path of our careers and can potentially shape the rest of our lives. How is a student expected to even begin this process of intense decision making when the plethora of options is often unclear to begin with?

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