Issue 12  •  Spring 2013

Why Should I Care?

This past weekend, I went to Washington DC to attend the “Forward on Climate” rally to stop the Keystone XL Pipeline.
In mid-January, the DC pundits played down the second inauguration of President Obama. They said that Americans were not as excited by a reelection. They said that Obama had already spent his political capital. No one would care. It wasn’t a big deal.
Why should I vote? If I hear this question one more time, I think I am going to scream. Instead of loosing my mind, I’ll share why I believe you must, absolutely must vote this year.

The Secret Life of Soap

Written by Tricia Curtis

After learning the art of soap making, I’ve discovered the many differences between regular soap and what I now call real soap. Real soap is great for cleaning your body, your face, and even your hair. Yep that’s right, your face and your hair! Commercially mass-produced  soap, the soap you buy from your local store, is pushing the boundaries to even be labelled as soap. Technically it isn’t soap. It hasn’t been through the organic process of saponifaction, where disparate ingredients are brought together and in a natural chemical reaction, form a new substance we call soap.


A few years ago, my roommate told me about some article floating around in the gay community. This article suggested that Republicans who support same-sex marriage should be rewarded with a public showing of support. By voting for LGBT-friendly Republicans, other Republican candidates, hungry for more votes, would also begin to support same-sex marriage. You are reading this right: the article was calling upon the LGBT community to rise up and vote Republican for the sake of the LGBT community.


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