Issue 12  •  Spring 2013

Seven Minutes in Heaven With Gliss

Written by Sadie Magazine

Danish/American three-piece Gliss have a new album called Langsom Dans coming out in early 2013 via Modern Outsider. Gliss has been described as "late night, fucked up art pop," and they’ve toured with Glasvegas, the Horrors, the Raveonettes, Editors, BRMC, the Warlocks, and more.

We asked vocalist, bassist, synthist, and programmer Victoria Cecilia seven questions relating to and not relating to music—you can read her responses below. Other members of this heavy-dreamy LA-based band, btw, are Martin Klingman (vocals, guitar, drums, bass) and David Reiss (guitar, bass). Oh yeah, and we are obsessed with their video for "Weight of Love" below. Be sure to watch and then send along to your best friend—kind of the perfect gift for Hanukkah night five...even if you don't celebrate!  

Sadie: Favorite moment in the studio while recording Langsom Dans?

Victoria: Recording the string players for "Waves" and having Martin nail the vocals at the same time. That was a sweet moment.

Sadie: Favorite breakfast food? 

Victoria: Fruit.

Sadie: Band/music you listen to before you play a show to get you psyched? 

Victoria: We used to always play "Venus in Furs," but lately we haven't listened to anything before a show.

Sadie: Favorite junk food? 

Victoria: Tofu/Vegetable Pho.

Sadie: Best on-stage memory?

Victoria: Walking out on stage the very first time we played The Forum in London. It seemed gigantic; it was nerve-racking, but so exciting!

Sadie: Worst guilty pleasure, as a band or individually? 

Victoria: Friday Night Lights.

Sadie: Band you love that you're embarrassed to admit? 

Victoria: Madonna (you can also include Gwen Stefani and Kylie).  

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