Issue 12  •  Spring 2013

Fill in the Blanks: Sapphire Slows

Written by LadyBangBeat
This is a repost from the site Lady. Bang. Beat.

My music:

I’m a Tokyo-based female producer called Sapphire Slows. I don’t know [what] to say about my music . . . just listen please!

My sounds:
I’m always making my music alone in my small room at night, so all of my songs are often said [to have] that internal, closed, floating, and dark feel, but I just want to make beautiful sounds with my cheap gears at hand.

I started music because:
I’ve been [inclined] to make my own music [since] I [started] collecting records some years [ago]. I really love to have my vinyl collections and listen to them in my small room. I might want something formed because today there are too many formless things, like, information on the Internet, relations on social networks, and so on; then sometimes I’m at a loss [of] how to behave around them. I thought that, not only to collect what I like, but also to make my own thing like music is [the] best way to behave.

The artist that influences me the most is:
It’s hard to say. I couldn’t choose because many artists influence me . . . When I was a child I would often listen to my father’s '60s-'80s records but now what I’m most directly influenced by is today’s dance music. Sometimes I love to listen
to indie disco/house sounds, but I also like down-tempo, psychedelic, chill out music.

My favorite place to play music is:
I don’t know because I have not played many shows as Sapphire Slows yet but I like to go and DJ at small places in Tokyo. I don’t like venues that are too big or too crowded.

Being from Tokyo:
Tokyo is a wonderful and mysterious city. Many different people live there and do different things, listen to different music, but nobody cares about that. it’s difficult to explain . . . silent but chaos? Tokyo’s atmosphere is brilliant but somehow lonely, and momentary. I love this city. I’m glad I could be a part of this atmosphere.

The best thing about being a musician is:
The best thing is that I [can] represent my feelings in my music. I’m not good at explaining what I feel or think in words . . . (of course in English nor Japanese, ha ha), but in there I need not care about anything/anybody, i just make what I wanna make in my way.

I hope my music:
I just hope to share my music with people who have the same ears and passions.

Being a female in the music industry:
Hmmm . . . I don’t know but it might be a very good thing! I think I’m always happy to just be a girl.

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