Issue 12  •  Spring 2013

Top That

It's snowing outside in the Northeast! So, in honor of that, we put together a little YouTube playlist of our very fav songs about snow and ice. What are your favorite snow songs? Tweet us what they are, or post them on our Facebook page

Seven Minutes in Heaven With Gliss

Written by Sadie Magazine

Danish/American three-piece Gliss have a new album called Langsom Dans coming out in early 2013 via Modern Outsider. Gliss has been described as "late night, fucked up art pop," and they’ve toured with Glasvegas, the Horrors, the Raveonettes, Editors, BRMC, the Warlocks, and more.

Boom Box

Back to School is already here, and summer’s almost over. (Today is actually the very last day.) I’ll admit, I’m super sad to say goodbye to lakeside camping and ice cream cookie sandwiches at Rockaway Beach, but I am kind of excited to put on my favorite sweater again and ride my bike without majorly sweating. Before summer ends though, I want to pay homage to one of the best parts of this season: summer jams.


Fill in the Blanks: Sapphire Slows

Written by LadyBangBeat
This is a repost from the site Lady. Bang. Beat.

My music:

I’m a Tokyo-based female producer called Sapphire Slows. I don’t know [what] to say about my music . . . just listen please!

Feminist Reads

Written by Susannah Wexler

It’s the middle of summer, which means that, chances are, you can read what you want, without writing an accompanying paper. Perhaps you have some hours on the beach or some days riding shotgun on a road trip. Worst case scenario, you’re working at Dairy Queen and when you come home you want to relax.
You could read some romance or mystery (nothing wrong with that). But, if during your daily activities, you hear “slut” bandied about and girls insisting they “don’t want to sound like a feminist, but . . . ,” or “just hate hanging out with females,” you might crave some accessible feminist nonfiction.


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