Issue 12  •  Spring 2013

Exclusive Video Premiere of Universe People's "Vampire Prison"

Written by Sadie Magazine

Universe People, three-piecer featuring two ladies on guitar and bass and hailing from Seattle, WA, will release their debut record Go To The Sun on Little Black Cloud Records (a lady owned and run label out of Richmond, VA, 'case you're not familiar) on February 12, 2013. Until then, to tide you over, we're premiering their video for "Vampire Prison" below.


Jo Claxon, the band's singer & guitarist, on playing music: 

"All of us have played in a lot of different bands before Universe People and come from different backgrounds. I grew up in Sydney, Australia. There were amazing bands in Sydney that I used to see when I was a teenager, like Matrimony, Lubricated Goat, and Thug. And as far as listening to music, I remember the first time I heard the Pixies. A friend played me a mixed tape that had Pixies 'Hey' on it, and also a NZ band called the Gordons, and a ton of other cool stuff, some I had heard before but most of it I hadn't and I almost lost my mind, it all sounded so good.


I first played music with two of my best friends in Sydney. We kind of learned to play as we wrote songs and we just did it our own way—"Where's the bridge in this song? What's a bridge? OK, no bridge." . . . I thought it would probably fizzle out. I felt like I was too shy and I thought that I couldn't sing either. But when we played our first show, even though my leg shook like crazy (some weird nervous reaction that fortunately has never happened again), I loved playing and knew I wanted to do it more. As long as it's with people that I want to play with. I'd never just want to play music on my own. Playing with Kellie and Dave in Universe People is awesome."

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