Issue 12  •  Spring 2013

I Heart/I Hate

Video: Woman Nature Alone

Written by Erica Scourti

Each of the videos in Woman Nature Alone record performances of titles and descriptions of stock video and photography that correspond to the keywords “woman,” “nature,” and “alone,” employing the text as if it was an instruction.


Every day a flurry of emails from Groupon appears in my, and doubtless millions of other women’s inboxes, promising what adds up to a moodboard of life as it could be—an endless parade of gleaming new smiles, pop-up gelaterias, and vintage sewing classes.


The Strange Afterlife of Marilyn Monroe

Written by Angelica Jade Bastién

How can one speak about Marilyn Monroe without mentioning Norma Jeane Mortenson? This dichotomy between the sexy bombshell with confidence and childlike vulnerability, and the pill–popping, alcohol-soaked woman yearning for more has come to define Marilyn Monroe as an actress, icon, emblem of classic Hollywood, and, as a woman. But this is a false contrast. After all, can anyone be defined in such an easy manner?


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