Issue 12  •  Spring 2013

Leather & Lace: DIY Appliqué Necklaces

Written by and photographed by Mandy Stahl

So you love that shiny gaudy appliqué, but you have no idea where you would put it on a piece of clothing. A vest? A Jacket? Eh, maybe . . . Or, you see that beautiful vintage cream lace collar from 1929 and start to profusely drool over it. So delicate, so fragile, how could you put it on only ONE thing? You want to wear it all the time and show off how it makes your neck look like a fairy princess angel whisperer, circa 1929.

With the help of a cutty hole in the wall sewing shop in New Orleans that I frequent, and a selection of fringe that would make any sewing junkie feigning for 6-inch neon fringe (me) start itching, I found inspiration to make all of my appliqué dreams come true! I’m here to share one of my favorite things to make with y’all.

Step One:
Start with your appliqué, collar or yoke and add any lace trim, fringe, or chain around the bottom edges. (If you decide to use chain, layer it and just hand sew it on.) If it’s a sequined appliqué, use FABRI-TAC (best fabric glue ever); otherwise, you’ll hurt your sewing machine. If the appliqué is lace, I would recommend sewing the trim or fringe with a neat stitch to add some zest with your machine.

Step Two:
Attach thin, delicate lace to the sides of the appliqué the same way you attached it above. If it’s glued, add a thin strip of felt or a more durable fabric over the lace part that’s attached to the appliqué, so it won’t rip off.

Step Three:
Add any final touches to your necklace, such as buttons, fur, weird old knickknacks, gems, etc. to accent the edges, or make a beautiful centerpiece. Use durable glue, like gorilla or craft glue, for metal or whatever you’re gluing on. Don’t use hot glue; it tends not to hold well in the long run.

You want to wear it all the time, and show off how it makes your neck look like a fairy princess angel whisperer, circa 1929.

I am going to share my favorite Web site for the best lace and such cheap prices: The Lace Place. They rule!

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