Issue 12  •  Spring 2013

DIY Glitter Nail Polish

Written by Lisa Brown

I can't tell you how excited I've been to do this tutorial, so today, when the package of glitters finally arrived, I couldn't wait! I have no patience. None. At. All. 

I'm not usually a fan of glitter nails but I saw a photo of a nail polish pretty similar to what I'm going to make and I had to have it! The nail polish I saw was currently unavailable to purchase, so for less, I decided to make my own. AND I have SO much glitter left I could easily make another ten bottles, or make different combinations if I wanted! 

Fancy giving it a try? 

•Glitter. Lots of it. For the look I wanted, I got a combination of small squares, small and medium sized rhombuses, small and medium sized hexagons, and striping in a variety of different colors.
•Bottle of clear nail polish
•Piece of paper

1. Taking a piece of square paper, roll it into a cone and secure with a piece of tape.

2. You want to make sure the end has a small hole and that the funnel you've created will fit into the top of your nail polish bottle.

3. I used a half empty bottle of clear polish I happened to have laying around. You only need half a bottle of polish so if you are using a new one (which I would recommend as the polish won't be as thick as mine was), tip half out into a container. Insert the funnel you made into the top of the polish bottle.

4. Add a small pinch of each glitter into the funnel and it will go into your bottle!

5. Once you've added a bit of each glitter, give the bottle a shake to mix together and you're done!

6. Paint on some black nail polish and paint on a coat of your own glitter mix! I'm going to call mine "Party Popper" because that's what it reminds me of!

P.S. A little update...I've noticed that after a few days, some of the glitters have lost their vibrancy in the bottle; mainly, the blues and greens have gone pretty much silver. While the polish still looks nice, for me, I specifically wanted it to look a certain way.
After some extensive Googling, it seems that to solve this problem, you need to buy polyester glitter and then the color won't fade. 

This is a repost from the site The Glue Gun Girl

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