Issue 12  •  Spring 2013


Herbs for Heartbreak

Written by Erin McIntosh

It’s been a little over a week and you still haven’t slept through the night or eaten a decent meal. That same sad song has been on repeat for days now, becoming the only shoulder you want to lean on as the tears fall. Memories of time shared together haunt the hours and fog your thoughts. There seems to be no escape from the heaviness of loss. No way around it, but straight through the ugly shadows of ache without any comfort in sight.


I like to think that we live in post fat-fearing times. That is, we’ve gone beyond body obsession to a better place, where artisanal is the new couture and foodies have just about eaten everything, including all the skinny bitches. Or is that just Brooklyn? No matter where you may find yourself, fat is everywhere. I’m here to tell you why that’s a good thing at best, and a simple matter of biochemistry at worst. 
This article is not about how you should love your shape no matter what fruit it resembles, which you should but—let’s face it—probably sometimes you just cannot. I get it. Fat has a bad rep. It causes little dimples on your thighs and ass that can look like undulating sand hills under the thin skin, shaking uncontrollably in its bumpy smugness. Cellulite is fat. It’s globules of fat, or adipose tissue, built up under the skin. 
Cellulite is just a hormonal female fact, the antidote for which is the very drab formula of greens and the gym. The facts on fat are simple, and while understanding them may not shrink your shaking moneymaker, they’ll help you to understand why it’s still there.


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