Issue 12  •  Spring 2013

Beauty School

This is a repost from the site No More Dirty Looks

Friends! If you’ve read the book or hung out here for a while you know we’re fond of oils, and coconut oil in particular because it’s an amazing and cost-saving multitasker that has lots of qualities to recommend it.



In 1991, a group of women who shared a breast cancer diagnosis, as well as the conviction that they were not being presented with complete information regarding the cause of their disease founded Breast Cancer Action Montreal (BCAM). Unlike most breast cancer organizations, BCAM takes a prevention-first approach to the disease. They work to educate the public about environmental health, the presence of toxicants in our bodies and environment and their connection to our long-term health. BCAM advocates for policies that support preventative measures and aims to create a resource sharing community of women who are passionate about erasing the disease from its roots.


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