Issue 12  •  Spring 2013

All About Sadie

Written by Jesse
Sadie Magazine was founded in 2008 as a counterculture magazine for young women. Our goal at Sadie is to offer resources in order to make women (and all interested men) self-sufficient, independent, and knowledgeable. We would like to question industries that target women and offer practical advice on such tasks as how to make an easy, healthy meal and how to fix things around the house. We tackle fun and substantive issues in a market that regards women as recipients of ad campaigns. 

Josie Schoel, Editor & Founder
josie at sadiemagazine dot com

Josie Schoel is a Ph.D. student and instructor of English Literature at The University at Albany. Prior to this, Josie lived in Brooklyn, NY, where her most recent position was at The Frances Goldin Literary Agency. She interned at BUST for about 3.5 seconds, then moved to her first job with the literati at Curtis Brown, Ltd., where she got to eat chocolate and edit fun and trashy romance novelsa job she can't help but miss a tiny bit.

Jesse Sposato, Editor & Founder
jesse at sadiemagazine dot com

Jesse Sposato is a freelance writer and essayist living in Brooklyn, NY. Jesse's stories have been featured by Yahoo! and she has written for publications such as Capital New York, xoJane, Thought Catalog, Vice, Biographile, Wilder Quarterly, BUST, Jewcy, Appolicious, and the New York Press (R.I.P.), among others. As well, Jesse plays the drums and is currently involved in a recording collective called Love Tribe. You can follow her on Twitter @jessesposato.

Susannah Wexler, Editor & Founder
susannah at sadiemagazine dot com

Susannah Wexler is a writer, editor, and teacher living in Brooklyn, NY. She has published in, among other publications, Tom Tom Magazine, The American, Union Station MagazinePrint, and In Other Words Poetry Anthology. In her spare time she enjoys reading cookbooks and fantasizing about becoming a DJ. Sadie is the first magazine she has founded and one she has always wanted to work for and read.

Jason Rodgers, Photo Editor
jason at sadiemagazine dot com

Photographer Jason Rodgers attended the School Of Visual Arts. He has shot for PAPERLADYGUNN, and The New York Times. Outside of photography, Jason’s hobbies include boys, shopping, and talking on the phone.

Sadie Submissions 
submissions at sadiemagazine dot com 

Photos 1-3 by Winona Barton-Ballentine

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